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Senior/Grad Photos

$100 for senior photos. We'll do a quick 20 minute shoot to get you in and out. If you have a few grads that all would like their photos taken, get in touch and I'd love to work some deals. See our grad photo page for specifics on the photo shoots for graduating seniors.

Portrait Session

$200 for family or individual portrait photo sessions. Any time of the year. We talk; we figure out what you'd like; we get it all dialed in for you and/or your family and get you the pictures you want.


$3,000 for local weddings. Weddings are awesome! I love 'em. I get along with everyone. If you want someone around that can help capture that special day without getting in the way or adding to the stress, it may be SpeakePhoto should be on your list.

Parties and Events

Parties or non-wedding events really need to be custom quoted as every event is different. Some are almost the same scope as a wedding; others are much simpler and easier to capture. Get in touch and we can see what your hopes and dreams are. I bet we can come up with something that isn't too crazy.

Holiday Photos

$200 for holiday photos. Really this is not much different than a standard portrait Session. See our holiday photo page for specifics on the family photo shoots during the upcoming holiday season. There's exciting stuff going on.