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Holiday Family Photos for 2016

Every year SpeakePhoto does holiday photo shoots around the Christmas season. Some years the number of families that I get to shoot is larger than others. Mostly that's just due what life is throwing at the Speake Family any given year. Winter 2016 will be no exception.

Last year the youngest member of the Speake Clan, Emmett, went to England over Spring Break with his soccer team to play and train with a few English youth teams. To help fund that trip for Emmett and some of his teamates, we holiday photo proceeds went straight to the cost of that trip. For those of you that had their family shot by SpeakePhoto, we thank you. You can see some of the photos taken there in the UK here on flickr.

This year SpeakePhoto will again be offering holiday family photos at $200. Get in touch whenever you want to start talking about making photos. It doesn't have to be the holiday season.

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I've had people ask if it is too early to do Christmas photos. NEVER! I've done holiday photos in January before. Though I'm not sure if that is technically late or early. Get in touch and we can work something out.

Get in touch (contact) and tell me what day you want to make some pictures. In general, Saturday and Sunday afternoons are best. But with sun setting so late these days, we can do late afternoons easily.

See some of the shoots from last season here and here.